Chains of Responsibilities - Part 1
Chains of Responsibilities - Part 1 w/thriller stories

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The memories flooded into her. Filling her throat and sucking out whatever sanity she had like leeches. She had to get away from the building as soon as possible. Before they noticed.

Chains of Responsibilities - Part 1

All she could hear was the sound of her pounding heart. Her chest heaving up and down, as her insides jumbled like jigsaw puzzles done by a toddler.

The word "responsibility" flashed across her mind. Guilt wrapped around her head, smothering her, coiling around her heart like a snake suffocating its prey.

She was the one to blame for the sin of being not being able to fulfil her only responsibility.

Despite, the responsibility causing her to suffer, it was the only duty she purely existed for, to achieve.

She looked back at the jejune building that was once a sanctuary, the only place that welcomed her.

A place that once gave her the feeling of safety, a warmth she hadn't felt in the past 5 years.

The place where the sense of belongingness had kept her feet chained to those mirroring, marble floors. The same floors, where the vile, revolting experiment happened.

The experiment that she saw that night, would pry her sanity out into the darkness as she lay still, on the worn-out mattress and stared at the cobweb filled ceilings, for moons.

The floors that once showed her reflection were stained with a faint trace of red after the experiment.

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