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Hi I'm Isabella and this is my story.

Hi I'm Isabella

I want to tell you a story. Its not just any old story. It's my story...

In Middle School I met a boy named Elijah, he was new to my school and was in my chemistry class. We became friends or so I thought...

You see Elijah just wanted the snacks from my lunch. He would wait for me by my locker and ask me for my snacks or part of my lunch.

I didn't think it was a bad thing at first. But after awhile I would dread going to my locker... Because I never knew if Elijah would be waiting for me.

Then came High School.. and things only got worse.

I don't remember all the details from High School. But, I do remember Elijah would use my phone all day and take it to his classes.

Elijah would say to people.. Well she gave it to me... I only gave him my phone because I didn't know how to tell him that I couldn't give it to him .

I don't know how this happen but...

I fell for him...

We argued all the time and he was emotionally abusive.

It's been 5 years.

Sometimes I think about how he is doing.

But I know I shouldn't start talking to him again...The cycle will just start again...

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