This Is A Rebellion
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Part One... Beware! Poetry contains sensitive material including drugs, alcohol abuse, sexual assault, eating disorders, self harm/suicide, night terrors, racism, and abortion. Read at your own risk.

This Is A Rebellion

They lock up the pot-heads but let our rapists run free until they are running, running, running the country. -We never really are free, are we?

Fly, Fly your little hearts out before the keepers come and clip your wings. -Soaring high always has come at a price.

Those salt tears of yours might one day cause an ocean. Instead of picking up that bottle, use the sea instead. -drowning your pain doesn't always have to hurt

Girl, Boy Man, Woman Gay, straight it doesn't matter who they think you are, be you. -Their opinions never mattered anyways, right?

The "Kingdom Keepers" don't really control the kingdom. They just want you to think they do. - Just like a fairy tale, there always is a rebellion.

If the sword you weld scars your skin, maybe it's time to let it go. -Your body may have scars, but they shouldn't be self inflicted.

The perfect porcelain masks they wear won't hold up forever. -Isn't it OUR time to break things? After all, this is a rebellion.

If the thrill of being ALIVE makes you happy, then don't listen to the lions. -The keepers were never really in control

Being considered too skinny is as "shameful" as being fat. -Eat more, they want you to wither away, but we can't have that happen.

Don't fall for the starlight in his eyes or voice. It's always a trick. - The antagonists always were the attractive ones in the end

An unborn child is still a child. -Vacuuming them up surely isn't the answer.

They tell you to play pretty and smile, but how can you when you feel nothing? - Now who's creating the monsters?

"Well your mother was always there," they say. - Her actions definitely didn't make her a mother.

They will try to turn you at each other's throats, but just maybe, we're into that. - You're on the same side lovelies.

Don't let them take credit for the fire you've started. Their time is long gone. -Keepers can't always have their way.

Maybe you should give some instead of a l w a y s taking. -The poor need money too.

They say money doesn't buy happiness, but it can buy your plane ticket out of here. -Turns out money can buy happiness hon.

Correct your "mistakes" before they happen. - no child should be considered a mistake in the first place.

Float along the clouds if need be, but drugs won't fix those problems love. -use the money to spoil yourself instead.

It doesn't matter if you can't run fast, cause all you need to run the WORLD is your words. - Are we really going to let the dictators keep the castle?

You don't need a "knight in shining Armour" all you need is suit and metal sword. -Princes always were late

I laid his body in the water, and it's as if he was asleep. The thing is, he never opened those crystal blue eyes again. -Revenge has never tasted oh so sweet.

You can close your eyes just don't try to close them forever. -What comes after death is the scary part

It may be dark but the day will come when the light breaks through. -You kinda have to stay to see it.

If a keeper ever lays a finger on you, don't be afraid to speak up. - abuse isn't something to stay quiet about.

He will tell you he loves you just to have his way with you then leave. -Have them wrapped around YOUR fingers instead

Just because your body liked it doesn't mean you did. -rape is still rape.

Not everything has to be about the keepers. Your freedom at the cost of theirs? I think so. -Lock them up and throw away the key.

London bridge isn't falling d o w n we burned it. -time for the rebellion honey

If he looks at you the same way he looked at her, it's time to light a fire. -Google: How to hide a body

How to make a girl: 1 tsp athletic 2 cups sweet 6 cups gullible 3 cups self hatred 1 lb pretty 2 cups skinny -How the men think girls should be

Climb that latter as high as you want but please don't jump. -You're the key to saving the world.

Take those blades and use them to cut the roped that bind your freedom. Not your wrists. - You're worth much more than the keepers let on

They say therapy is the key but it's the rope that binds you to insanity. -I'm sorry, I didn't know poetry was a crime.

Dye your hair Change your clothes Paint the walls eat that extra cupcake. Do you, it could be worse. -At least it's not meth.

Adoption isn't sad the thought of child neglect is. Give it a thought. -Why be sorry when you could be a parent?

Music saves the soul but what if they took both? -the keepers think that's all we got.

If the cookies have poison eat them slowly. Won't that make you immune? -Who says they'll be immune to yours?

If poetry could kill i'd write a whole book about you. -But sorry, forgot you aren't worth it.

Go on stage as if you were born there. -They can't keep us quiet for much longer.

Be a man, they tell you. But be the woman that you are, look them in their ugly faces, and turn your back. -Dignity is key. -This one's for you, Laurie.

I wrote this book as a redemption for my fears. Too bad I don't have any. -Starlight Rose

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