We Shall Not Break
            We Shall Not Break  depression stories

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A poem about staying strong through struggle and depression.

We Shall Not Break

This pain I have is a gain

We are all the same with different names

A way through the door of empathy and compassion

Love need not be saved or rationed

I feel what you feel, I've been where you've been,

I've done all those same mistakes, I've committed similar sins

I have walked this road and let me tell you

It does get better, that much is true

But it also gets worse, sometimes, and you have to make it through

we are all in an ocean with waves that keep breaking

We are battered and we are left shaking

But we are not broken

None of us are broken

We are stronger than the bad things that happen

We are stronger than the thoughts that keep us up at night

And it may sound trite but we will win this fight

and the next, and the one after that

We have the ability to adapt

And though we may be hurt, we are still here

We are still standing

This is our life we are commanding

And if we band together we will keep landing on our feet

So while you are in bed under your sheet

Know this, I am here, you are not alone

And until we are dust and bone

we will keep winning battle after battle

I promise you, my friend

We can't always write how our story ends

But everything in between is ours to contend and to defend

Until the last breath we will ever take

We will have a strength no force can break

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