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the thoughts of an insomniac girl as she wants to disappear, dissolve into her dreams, but can't.

Midnight Thoughts,

written by : Lotus

Help me,

I need saving.

But not from you,

I need saving from myself,

and the dark clouds that keep surrounding me. Wherever I go.

Help me,

I can't sleep.

I keep staring at the white ceiling, seeing it turn black. But not disappear. And I don't disappear into sleep either.


I am tangled in my sheets, sweating, but not from a nightmare. From turning, twisting trying to get caught into a dream.

Help me,

I'm drowning in my own tears, unable to sleep.

Help me,

I'm choking, and I can't disappear into the night, I can't escape.

The wait is killing me.

Help me,

I want to close my eyes, dance on a cloud of pink, and hold your hand again.

I don't want to go into my bed, struggle, get tangled. And watch as the sun rises again, without having floated off once.

Drifting off into someplace safe, Someplace light, Somewhere only we know.

Help me, I want to save myself,

I want to sleep, whisper goodnight to the stars,

and see you on the other side again.

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