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lapryx91 Creative mind with a tortured soul
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An apology to my past self.


I'm sorry sweet child

Sorry I lied

Now you're bleeding on the floor

I wished I can rewind to before

When everything was bright

Before I destroyed your light

Your dreams of the world

Turned sour and cold

You wanted to fly

Be high up in the sky

But I burned your wings

And fucked up everything

I've made bad choices

Listened to the wrong voices

And now you're paying the price

A sad sacrifice

It should be me on the floor

Covered in blood and gore

While you should be in the light

Living your best life

I'm sorry

So sorry

I ruined the future

That you always dreamed of

Sorry that I wasn't strong enough

Sorry I didn't fight hard enough

Sorry that fear took control

And dragged you from the goal

My fear and doubt were your chains

That kept you contained

My failure was a knife

That took your short life

Now you're looking at me with cold blank eyes

Because of my lies

I told you that you could be great

But we had such a horrible fate

Every success was fleeting

That always faced deleting

The good things

Fell apart

Those prayers will go unanswered

Sorry I screwed you over

Sorry that you will never have the life you wanted

Those moments have vanished

And now you're on the floor

And we can't go back to before

You're dead

And I'm barely breathing

I'm sorry sweet child

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