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It almost became much more than just a crush


You’ll never know how heart broken you left me how lonely, how hollow, how empty you left me...

it’s impossible for me to believe that you never at least got the slightest clue of how desperate i was for you.

knowing that every time i looked at you,

it felt like i was offering myself to you but you’d just ignore and pass right by me. i was sometimes scared to be close to u because i felt so vulnerable and i hated making eye contact

because it felt that just by looking into your eyes you’d know everything about me and know how much i long for you; you’ll never know how much i love you,

or how i was willing to do so much and the craziest part was that you were just a simple crush, though its been about two years its all coming back and taking over me and slowly im allowing it,

to me you’re just a girl but to my heart you’re a monster, loving you was a nightmare and you weren’t even mine. So many song i dedicated to you that you’ll never hear,

so many times wishing you were here, so many moments that I’ve had hoping it was you who i would have shared them with i still cant understand how we didn’t make it we were just an “almost”...

we almost made it.

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