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lalalabutterfly Hopelessly lost but forever hopeful.
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Rainbows shoot out of her long flowing dress.


pale skin, soft, like a circle of lace

fragile soul, full of anger and grace

shell carved of rock with a pearl interior

made up so others won’t call her inferior

eyes that hold secrets too good to be true

sitting alone and enjoying the view

colours so bright they make lesser girls burn

men who all wish for their own special turn.

she shakes my foundation and builds up my heart

she cares for my soul like her own work of art

flying so high with her mile-long tragedy

sinking so low in a quest against fallacy

rainbows shoot out of her long flowing dress

touching my world, making beggars confess

living her life as intensely as mine

art, ever flowing, becoming her shrine.

we love and we fight in our equal intensity

cycling over, never ending propensity

passion and grace counteract all the fear

with looming grey skies drawing always so near

my flame on the verge of an endless dark silence

is brought back to life amidst all of the violence

my reason for living, my passion on fire

she shows me the heights to which I should aspire.

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