#1. Lavender & Honey
#1. Lavender & Honey honey stories

lalalabutterfly Hopelessly lost but forever hopeful.
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Part 1 of my upcoming poetry series/e-book on couples. Stay Tuned <3

#1. Lavender & Honey

pale, soft lavender lies on the floor

head full of edges all jagged and sore

there's nothing as pure and soft-worn as she

but trapped in this body she's never been free

feathers and petals and hand-painted walls

delicate underneath harsh waterfalls

feminine eye and a weakness of trust

fragile like sunlight forced through softer dust.

honey will drip through the cracks and the edges

and seal up wounds with the kindest of senses

spread out too thin he has nowhere to go

when cracks become caverns with no room to grow

orange honey shines with a sun-tinted heat

is better than candy with mellow, soft sweet

protects with wax all the good in his love

and stands tall while dripping sweet care from above.

stumbling upon a small lavender piece

honey was stuck to her search for release

he sheltered and guided soft lavenders name

and helped to protect from the pointiest game

now steadfast and strong, stems preserved in the glue

soft lavender, crying, won't ever be blue

to heat up would burn the small lavender's tip

so keeping them calm, honey proceeds to drip.

series/e-book coming soon.

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