Glimmer of Light
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kyle_beholding Community member
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A poem about trying to stay positive going through tough times.

Glimmer of Light

There's a glimmer of light, shining brightly through, the gap of lonely darkness that tries to consume you, one has to focus to find it, and try to stay in tune,

push on past what seems to be just solitude, as being forever alone, is not the cure for pain,

it can just make ones inner wounds grow, and then become a permanent stain,

one has to confront the hurt and face the darkness, searching for the glimmer of light, that feels like pulling a dagger out, enduring its sharpness,

finding the meaning in ones suffering, staying thankful, perhaps it's chastising, as it can be truly strengthening,

forgiving those who have hurt you along the way, having faith the light will shine brighter on a different day,

adhering to truth, knowing you were meant to experience this, and not letting the darkness drag you into the bottomless pit, there's a glimmer of light in everyone's suffering,

can't let our eyes stay blinded in the darkness, or one could get lost, and won't find a way in its starkness, just remember to look for that glimmer of light, and it will give you enough sight,

to show you the way, that will help pull you through the toughest of storms, as there are lessons in life, that can come in different forms, strengthening your inner soul,

and pushing you to your limit, showing you that you are unfinished, and letting you see the beautifully strong person,

who you are continually being molded to be, know that you are loved,

even when it seems no one else will, you are still here, even as you experience your worst of times, but soon you shall have nothing left to fear, know that you are heard not just in rhymes,

but also in prayer, bringing joyful light to my soul, because one day the bitter winter turns to spring,

Keep enduring, while trying to stay forever grateful, for everything.

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