Lesson Learned
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A tough lesson to learn, but an important one.

Lesson Learned

Turning the knob to the stereo system up, Jack sped down the road with his friends cheering him on to drive faster.

He had held his license for less than a year, and he had just finished the last day of school. Summer time had finally come.

Jack continued to drive faster down the rarely used back roads of the country, dirt and rock leaving clouds behind the vehicle as it sped faster and faster.

Jack felt his phone buzzing in his pocket, he fidgeted with his leg stretched out trying t o get it out of his pocket. He managed to pull it out and glanced down at the screen. It was Jill.

A girl he had been trying to get with for the past few years. She had sent a text, and Jack just couldn’t wait to see what it was about.

He managed to enter his password and unlocked the phone, nearly swerving off the road as he did.

Jack looked down to read the message when he heard his friend begin to shout. As jack looked back up to the road all he saw was a lady on a horse. But it was to late.

He had been driving to fast, and had taken his eyes off the road for too long.

Jack learned a grim lesson that day. And will be forever saddened, living with the memory of that unfortunate day.

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