Pearls found in Oysters
Pearls found in Oysters horror stories

koinoyokan I always appreciate criticism.
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There were scratches inside the oven.

Pearls found in Oysters

There were scratches inside the oven Jagged claw marked ridges Only nails made of steel could have made such marks Or desperation

But we don’t need to think of them The ones that came before The stories that lead to this Sweet sugary bubbling blood

Till it thickens, into gelatinized syrup Sliding down her throat Coating the sides Slickening the jowls

For the splinted bones And tough soles of feet She didn’t like to chew No, she swallowed her prey whole

Like a great boa constrictor Unhinging her jaw She’d force them down And spit up whatever she didn’t like

She spat out the tendons And the crushed-up bones Like an owl

She hunted down her prey Taking what she wanted With you squirming all the way

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