A Love Like Autumn Leaves
A Love Like Autumn Leaves  sonnet stories

kgirl “In a place where fantasy meets reality”
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My Challenge For 200 Followers, as suggested by @dreamchaser and @queen_n

This is my first attempt at writing a sonnet: I know it’s surely not perfect, but I gave it my best shot and hopefully, you’ll enjoy!

Let me know what you think about it; I can’t wait to hear from you!

Thank you so much for your awesome support!

A Love Like Autumn Leaves

As leaves fall like softened dynamite,

My heart goes to yours and holds onto it;

Delighted, I know you’d never let go,

I stretch my hand, mine and yours again meet.

Then I got delight was just pain’s disguise

And that when the last time our shoulders touched, Your distant hand never reached out for mine

Though we stood close, you had already left.

Then I got my soul still loved your raw heart;

How twisted and cold are the jokes of love That if one day all we can see is dark, Again, the other day we search for more.

But for us to see true light, other words Shall we listen to and have to be sought.

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