A CHALLENGE FOR 200 FOLLOWERS + I Need Your Opinion On Something
A CHALLENGE FOR 200 FOLLOWERS + I Need Your Opinion On Something  thanks stories

kgirl “In a place where fantasy meets reality”
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Thank you for 200 followers guys!!! Read this and leave comment or send me a message with your opinions, if you feel like it. Can’t wait to hear from each one of you!

A CHALLENGE FOR 200 FOLLOWERS + I Need Your Opinion On Something

Hi guysss!!! First of all, thank you SO MUCH for 200 followers! I can’t believe it’s only been a month since I started sharing my poems and stories here and you’re all being so supportive already.

For this WONDERFUL occasion, I’d like to ask you guys... Is there a particular challenge you would like me to do? Or also, write a specific fixed form poem or a short story/poem with a specific theme you’d like to read about?

Or simply, do you guys want another Q&A? Let me know in the comments or via message which one you prefer: the Q&A or let me know which challenge/poem you would like me to write. I’m open to all kinds of suggestions! I’ll see what I can do, of course!

Now onto ‘Paper Souls’, the story collection I’m currently writing and posting here. Today, again at around 9-10 pm, second part will be out. Though I wanted it to be a little longer, I’ve shortened this chapter because I feel like Commaful is more of a short place/poem platform

And that’s wonderful, I love this concept, so I don’t know if my story collection really suits it. For me to write longer chapters, I’d have to post ‘Paper Souls’ on Wattpad. What do you guys think about that?

Which option would you prefer: should I keep on posting shorter chapters here or longer ones on Wattpad? If I start on posting on Wattpad, I’ll share with you guys a link to find it or my profile there (I’ve never posted there) so that you can find the story more easily.

I’m looking forward to reading your opinions, guys! Let me know: challenge, specific theme poem, Q&A? Commaful or Wattpad for ‘Paper Souls’?

Last but not least, thank you again for 200 followers! Love you all!

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