"Pebbles" by Kieran Paul Farley
"Pebbles" by Kieran Paul Farley personfication stories

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A medium sized poem about the link between how you should view your tough times, and a stone.

"Pebbles" by Kieran Paul Farley


a perfect representation

of temporary imperfection.

What was once ugly

and jagged,

can become beautiful

and beloved.

But it's not the end

that is important, no.

But the transition, between points

the journey and the stunts.

“Between” is the keyword,

what happens in the middle.

To turn a once simple stone,

into a clean cut pebble.

See, pebbles are formed,

through rough and terrible times.

They go through hell,

just to wash up with the tides.

But once the rough times are through,

and you end upon the golden sands,

I promise someone will notice

and a coffin will form as you're wrapped inside their hand.

Around they will carry you,

as your mind runs aloof.

But never forget your journey,

How you made your “between”

turn yourself true.

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