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kellydenairuich it's okay to feel everything so deeply❤️
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Empathy is dying out. A poem inspired by the prompt.

High Society

There is a difference between what people want to hear, and what they need to hear, I will speak the truth until ears bleed, people are posting on Facebook, posted up in gaudy wardrobes,

stressing on how they look, while starving kids sleep on the street, their parents couldn't make ends meet, but you're more worried about where they come from,

concentrating on what makes us different, but the only difference is, they live everyday, and you're stuck to your phone like a prisoner, but you convinced yourself, that you,

are somehow better? More American, more important, than those who aren't born here, do you think they chose this? To be alone, terrified, and homeless? To be treated like they're worthless?

No endeavor is hopeless, stop hating, stop berating, stop labeling, human fucking beings, by the color of their skin, or their scars, or their sin, as far as we know,

Heaven is real, but with all this hate in our hearts, we won't get in.

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