The Writer

kayurquhartI'm a newly-adult ace :)
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The Writer

by kateurquhart

Shadows clouded the sky and rained mist on the city below.

A devastating gloom pervaded locals and tourists alike.

Nothing could be heard but the mutter of aggressive French and drops of filth hitting the already overflowing streets

There she sat, in the lonely corner of a bustling cafe.

The stench of stale rain and damp cigarettes invaded each breath. Burnt coffee stung her eyes.

The great cacophony of silence battered at the fortress of her consciousness.

An accident in the street. A crash. Police sirens and raised voices fought to be heard over the thundering sound of a light drizzle.

Still she kept writing, absorbing the scene. This was her first idea in months and nothing was going to distract her.

Not even the flirtatious waitress who had been making eyes at her since a quarter past nine.

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