the most important Lessons in life
the most important Lessons in life bully stories

kayurquhart I'm a newly-adult writer:)
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the most important Lessons in life

by kateurquhart

I have learned so many lessons from my Bully

the girl who picked on me, and tormented me, and made me feel worthless

who did the same to each of my friends in turn

who caused me to go home crying every single day for a year

she taught me life's most important lessons

and I am forever grateful

I learned to stand up for myself

I learned self conviction

and how to love myself

I learned that no-one can make me feel inferior without my permission

I learned how to spot a fake friend

and how important it is to appreciate true friendships

and that it's better to have one true friend than a hundred acquaintances

I learned that I should never be ashamed of who I am

I learned that life is tough but I am tougher

and that in the end love will always win

I learned that I am not worthless

I am loved and cared for and appreciated

I learned that I am strong

people learn through living

mistakes become experience and failure leads to success

sometimes the most important lessons in life

are taught by the person least expected

like a bully

someone who gives lessons of hate but teaches love

someone who tries to bring fear but instead gives courage

someone who told me I was weak but showed me I was strong

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