There is only This

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kateri Katherine L.L
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The New World

There is only This

My eyes were opened

for 34 years closed

My first breathe of air

for it was her that was the beginning of life

the beginning of love

it was when I laid my eyes upon her

she was the moment I was


Each time she stood

every step taken upon this mother

her love for the sun

pure love illuminated within her

for as I touched her neck

her skin

when I could feel her heart beat

was the only time I could feel pure life

how she felt the mothers love

Independence was all I lived before

each time I breathed it was for myself

I walked without thought of another

she taught me to walk with her

and her with me

no one could break my stubbornness

my lust for the seas

for if she couldn’t who could?

I denied one last time

she stood waiting for me

My love was gone

for I runaway

I choose death

instead of her love

how much I regret it

if only you could see



the way she is..was

for if I told you

maybe even showed you where she walked

where she stood

it could not match the beauty

love illuminating through her heart

she choose me

and I choose the seas

at her last hour

she choose another

one better than I

a man I hoped would chose her

a man I hoped to be for her

dearest love of my heart

I am sorry.

“My dearest John, maybe I will help you now, find the indies”

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