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Being stranded can have its moments


by KarishmaM

"You're absolutely insufferable, you know that?"

"Me?! You're one to talk. I have never in my entire life,

experienced someone complain so much about,

the smallest of all things and you know the worst part is?

You're voice is like nails scratching against a chalkboard."

"You take that back, Tyler." "Or what, Riley?"

"Or I swear on my dead grandmothers grave I'll make sure,

you see Lucifer on your way to hell once I'm done with you."

"Is that a threat, shortcake?"

"That's a promise, jerk face."

With each line,

each insult, our faces move closer to each others.

Our glares hardening and fists clenching.

"I can't believe that out of all the people in this world,

I just had to be stuck here with you and no goddamn fuel."

"The feelings mutual, Jones. But let's face it,

if you'd just had a few brain cells

you'd know to fill up some gas before,

a round trip to the campsite."

"Hey! I thought we'd have enough!"

"You see, that's where the problem starts," I say irritated,

"you thought."

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