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"I'm going to tell you for the last time, ok?" "Ok, go ahead."

Trout Farm

"I'm going to tell you for the last time, ok?"

"Ok, go ahead."


My cousin's eyes got wide to the point of cracking and then breaking the house apart.

"Don't say that," he whispered.

"It's true! I know it to be true, your dad knows it to be true, your wife and your housemaid and your gardener and the man who cleans your back in the shower- we all know that you're lazy!"

"I won't SIT here and take this-"

"YOU ARE SO DUMB! Why can't you be more inspiring?!"

"What the heck are you talking about, 'be more inspiring?!"

"You've got the coolest trout farm in the country! You could be taking advantage of this opportunity! It wouldn't even be that hard!

Just wake up before noon and hire some people that aren't going to steal everything and- I don't now,

build a train track around the property so that tourists can ride through the enclosure and meet the trouts!"

"That wouldn't work because-."

"And the tourists could even pick their favourite trout and then go back to the restaurant and have that trout served to them for dinner!

And you have this great view of the bay, they could eat trout with their family and watch the sunset! You're sitting on a gold mine!"

"It wouldn't work, you don't understand-."

"You're lazy and that's the worst quality. I'll never forgive you for letting this trout farm sink into obscurity."

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