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A man and his son want to to improve their business!

The Bench Industry

I was sitting at home watching the TV. On came an ad for benches.

'We make the number one bench in the world! You've most likely sat on one of our benches without even knowing it!'

I look over to my son. "How the heck are we going to sell all those benches we made yesterday? This company seems to have a monopoly on the bench market!"

My son comes over to me and grabs my cheeks. "Dad, listen to me- listen closely."

"Yes, son."

"We can do ANYTHING we want. We can overcome this huge corporation if we put our minds to it!"

"Son, I must say that while you are hurting my cheeks, you also offer up some great advice! Tomorrow we shall do the impossible!"


The next morning the sun rose over a town that was already hot as hell.

"Get up, son! We're leaving!"

"Where are we going, pa?"

"You'll see."

The two of us get into our golf cart and head for the town centre. Once there I pull into a parking spot facing a two story concrete building.

"This is it, son! We've arrived!"


Before getting out of the golf cart I grab my sawed-off shotgun from underneath my seat.

"What's that for?" Snaps my son, a look of surprise on his face.

"It's ok, son!"

We walk up the front steps and open the door to the lobby. Once inside I point the gun at the ceiling and pull the trigger.

The bang is so loud that my ear drums start screeching as dust rains down on my son and I. People are screaming.

"Where's Buzz?" I shout at a man behind a counter. The man points to the person sitting next to him. "Ah perfect! You are Buzz?" I ask, pointing the shotgun at the indicated man.

He nods in horror. "GREAT! Listen close, Buzz! Today you're going to shut down your bench factory and declare bankruptcy! By sun-down tonight you will have resigned! Understood?"

Buzz nods like a seal, sweat pouring down his face.

"Let's go, son! Our business here is finished."

The next two months were some of the happiest of my life. My bench business really started to take off and the relationship I formed with the community became deep and nourishing.

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