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"I'm going to go read now." "Aww, is somebody sad?"


"I'm going to go read now."

"Aww, is somebody sad?"

"I'm hurt by what you said!" My dad and I had just had a nasty argument. I had simply asked if I could make myself some rice for dinner, and then he was all like-

'How dare you make such a nasty dish under my roof!'

"Listen sweetheart, I'm sorry if you feel that I went too far- is that how you're feeling?"

"I feel like I'm treated similar to a dog. I get so many damn pats on the head and you only make the same food for me every day! That's why I wanted to mix it up a bit and make some rice!"

"Let's not get into that again, ok chum?"

"Oh my god, I'm not your CHUM!"

"Why don't you go to your room now."

"Ya know what- THAT'S IT! I'm going to Amy's!"

"It's almost midnight. It's too late for that."

"Then I'm sleeping there! And I'm not coming back ever again!"

My dad made a look of mild surprise. "Oh- but if you go, who will water the plants!"

"Uhh!!! I hate you!!" I grabbed my bag and put on my shoes. "Amy and I are going to eat rice together until the sun comes up!"

"That's weird."

"It's not weird. Amy LOVES me! And I love her, too."

"You don't know what love is. Someone who likes rice obviously doesn't know the first thing about real connection."

"Good bye father." I said, walking to the window.

"Why are you leaving through the window?"

"Because I don't want to make small talk with the neighbours!"

"Ok, bye. See you later."

"Goodbye, but I'm never coming back!"

"OK! BYE!"


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