My Morning Crawl
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Here is a recounting of my morning exercise!

My Morning Crawl

I was thinking about going for a crawl this morning. I thought that it would be fun.

The only problem is that it would freak the living daylights out of people if they saw my crawling along the bike path.

It's just that I always go for a run in the morning and after a while that can start to feel boring.

I guess that I could change up the route, but the idea of just crawling along the concrete seemed more interesting.

I thought about the logistics of this. I figured that I could get on the ground as soon as I'd closed my front door and begin scooting along on my hands and knees towards the beach.

I'm sure that it wouldn't take long for my knees to get all scraped up, at which point I would run like a dog. That would look really weird.

I'd keep my headphones in though, that way I could remain focused and not get distracted by the reactions of horror that I was sure to generate.


So anyways, now i'm at the dining room table after just returning from my crawl. It was definitely a work out. I can say that for sure.

I tried not look anyone in the eyes, although I did catch many glances from dogs whose eyes were level with mine.

I don't know if I'll do it again, and I'm not even sure if I can recommend it.

There's no question as to whether or not it offered me a new perspective, it's just that I'm dreading the 50 hours of community service that the judge sentenced me to.

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