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I had an epiphany!!

My Deep and Important Thoughts

Today I had an epiphany. I was thinking- thinking about the word 'superficial'. I suddenly wondered it the word originated from 'super official'.

Would that mean something labeled as being 'superficial' is actually a symbol of truth and importance?

Would that mean that when a husband calls his wife 'superficial',

that what he is really trying to say is that she could literally not be any more important to him and that she is a very powerful person in his life?

I don't know, and I don't know where this thought came from. Perhaps it entered my head whilst I slept, although I don't remember.

The dream I do remember having was one of these recurring dreams where I'm happily married with two children in a very stereotypical suburban setting.

In the dream I was sat on the couch with my arm around my wife and my two children playing on the carpet. My wife frequently complimented me.

"What a perfect husband and father you are!"

"Haha, it's all thanks to you, ya know! You make me so happy and I can't believe we have built such a perfect life for ourselves!"

"I love you so much!"

"Aw, how sweet! Hey sport!" I said to my son. "Go fetch your old man a V8 from the fridge will ya?"

"Sure dad!"

"Haha, what a perfect son we made, huh?"

"We're so good at raising kids!" She added.

My son returned with a cold can of V8 tomato juice. "There you go, Dad!"

"Thanks son!"

"Oh I would've liked one!" Said my wife. "You're so forgetful but you really make it work for you!"

"Haha, thanks sweety!" I popped the tab and took a long gulp.

My daughter stood up from the carpet and ran over. She put her hands on my knees and jumped up and down.

"Can I have a sip?!"

"Ok, sweety!" I handed her the can when suddenly the dream ended and I was lying in bed with the rising sun hitting my face. Fat tears began rolling down my cheeks.

"Another glimpse of Nirvana- and taken from me so suddenly!" I wailed.

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