Family Feud
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A boy gets more and more annoyed with his family!

Family Feud

I'm sitting on the couch, eating some pie. My brother comes in and sits across from me.

"What are you doing?" He asks.

"What do you mean?"

"You're eating so weird."

"Did you come in here just to judge how I eat pie?" I ask, becoming frustrated.

"o-KAY John!" My brother gets up and gives the most annoying laugh as he leaves the room. I try not to let him get to me as I continue on my pie.

Suddenly the stairs are creaking as my dad comes down from his room. He walk into the living room. I can feel his eyes on me.

"Eating healthy, are you?"

I try so hard to ignore him. I don't look at him but instead just raise my eyebrows and press my lips together. He sits on the couch across from me. "You been outside today?"

I can feel my blood beginning to bubble. "Are you taking a survey?"

"That's real nice." He mutters as he stands and leaves the room.

I exhale sharply and go back to my pie. My hand is trembling. I'm so frustrated.

Suddenly the front door opens and someone walks into the house. I hear them take their shoes off and walk into the corridor. It's my mom and she's carrying a handful of grocery bags.

"Oh John come on, I told you to take a shower before I got back! What've you been doing?"

I can't stand it anymore. "I don't have to leave for another hour! It'll take me five minutes!"

"No! You should take it now because you're going to end up staying in the shower and then you're going to have to get dry and you're going to take a long time to get dressed..."

I squeeze my eyes together, hoping that when I open them I'll be in bed waking up...

There's a knock at the door. I hear my dad walk to the front of the house and begin greeting someone. "John!" He calls. "Your trainer's here early, it's time to go!"

"Oh come on, John. Now you won't have time." She sighs. "Ok listen, I put a bag of gloves and garbage bags for you in the kitchen, don't forget them."

"What for?"

My mom stares at me for a moment. "For your job! He might not have any for you!"

"I'm going lifeguarding! I don't need garbage bags and gloves!"

"I've told you five time, John! Your brother is lifeguarding and you're doing janitorial work at the middle school!"

My stomach turns sour. "You never told me that!"

"John!" Shouts my dad. "Come on!

I'm nearly in tears as I grab the sack of garbage bags and gloves and head towards the front door.

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