I'm not listening ( written in the moment )
I'm not listening
( written in the moment ) suicide stories

kabbadikaz Raw poetry in Portuguese and English
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I'm not listening, I've heard it all before
Based on real events

I'm not listening ( written in the moment )

I'm not listening... I've heard it all before,

Like a broken record, it's Guinness.

It's Guinness alright, sip it until it's all bright,

Turning that jekyll into hyde, turning remorse into pride,

Your reservations turn temptations you black out and go wild.

I see my clothes are ripped, pockets filled with receipts,

Vomit on the back seats, blood over my sheets,

A condom on the floor filled up the brim,

Bifurcated piss, dry semen on my skin,

A pair of glasses that ain't mine, a broken bottle of wine,

Is it 28 or 29? I overslept but never mind,

40 calls and no replies, I lost my job it's about time,

I left my home and went gambling, It's fine,

I feel a hand on my shoulder, it's a cop,

I'm wanted for a crime...

Fuck, not this again, it's like groundhog day, damn fuck that man,

I mean I never owned a gun but if I had a mac 10,

I would play russian roulette with a mirror on my hand

6 bullets on the chamber, while I look at my reflection and...


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