New Day, New ME
New Day, New ME poetry stories

justeddie Community member
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New day new me.

New Day, New ME

New day new me.

Another day of misery,

Another day of mystery.

Another day another smile,

See your face, "it's been a while."

New me, new style,

New aspects of myself to defile.

Living in a daze of happiness, living my life, and doing my best.

Beating heart just two inches under my chest.

Ridden out and taken in jest.

New little caps I ingest.

Nauseous as I proceed to digest.

Just a soul on a journey, I don't need you, so don't worry.

I know me, I am me, and that's all I need.

You cut so deep that I still bleed.

But this soul will strive and proceed no matter how many times you impede.

Unlike you, I venture into the unknown.

Unlike you, I don't tremble when I am alone.

I am king, and all the while, I am nothing.

Drifting soul on which life has taken its toll.

Fuck you and fuck the mystery, because insecurity is the only thing I see.

So I wander on and leave broken souls behind because if it were up to them, they would also break mine.

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