All The Same
All The Same sad boi stories

justeddie Community member
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Just drifting on through.

All The Same

Visions, memories, dreams all the same.

Loss of you and loss of names.

Spiraling lights line my soul.

Energy is all I know.

Came and went, time now spent.

Only difference is the here, the now.

Yet we all forget to go there somehow.

Questions and possibilities in our head.

Too many and we turn up dead.

Shrieks and wails for memories lost.

Happiness and tender warmth within this frost.

Lips so red and lips so tender.

Young love and feelings of splendor.

Demons within us clamoring and clawing.

Innocent child calmly gnawing.

All the same yet so wildly different.

Uniforms line the street as do the dissident.

All the same and all so different.

All in search of that which does not exist.

Yet we manifest dreams as we persist.

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