Her Last Letter
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Throwing away her love letters is just the easy part. Not until she gave her last letter.

Her Last Letter

Feb 13. Bag of Beans cafe. Isang napakaganda't maaliwalas na view ng Maynila ang bumungad sa akin. Holding a bunch of letters, I planned to throw them on the cliff.

Those letters were written by someone special. So special that I decided to break her heart.

Wala nang tao na makakakita at pwedeng pwede ko na itapon ang mga sulat pero may pwersang pumipigil sa akin.

I know that if I threw those letters, I'm going to throw the last bit of memory that I have with her. This is the only proof that we had something. That all those smiles and kisses were real.

That we were real.

But remembering those moment only gives me pain.

So what's the point on clinging onto these stupid letters? What's the point on clinging to that something that hurts you?

Yes, I still lingering feelings, pero ganun naman diba, even though you love the person, if it's not working, might as well end the suffering.

Di naman na kami bata, alam naming wala ring patutunguhan ito.

I went closely to the edge of the terrace. As I'm about throw the letters, a familiar sweet voice stopped me.

"Nandito ka rin. Tama nga ako."

"You…you're here?" She was wearing the red dress I gave her last Christmas. She looks stunning.

"Anniversary kasi natin, malamang nandito ako." She said in a sarcastic tone. Her sad eyes were gleaming a bit.

Nanatili akong nakasimangot.

"Dito tayo unang nag-date diba? Ganitong oras din yun, 9 PM. Espesyal sa atin ang araw na yun kaya nagbabasakali ako, at tama nga, nandito ka." She said.

"There's no anniversary, baka lang nakakalimutan mo." I said, looking away.

"Eh bakit nandito ka?"

"I just went here to throw these." I said coldly, showing the love letters that she wrote.

Her eyes shifted again to sadness.

"Bakit mo naman itatapon, kala ko ba gandang-ganda ka sa mga sinulat ko?"

"That was before. Because I'm in love with you back then. Now it's just full of crap." Trying my best to not break down, I threw the letters. Right in front of her eyes.

She looked at the letters that are slowly falling into the cliff. I could feel the pain in her eyes.

"Why are you like this? Alam naman nating mahal pa rin natin ang isa't isa. What's stopping you from loving me?" She said, trying to not break in tears.

I want to hug her so bad. I smirked instead.

"Anong what's stopping me, 'di mo ba naiintidihan? You're too immature for me. We keep on fighting, it's not healthy. I don't love you anymore. " I said, walking away to the terrace.

"Hindi mo ko mahal? Pero bakit nasasaktan ka ngayon? Kitang-kita ko sa mga mata mo."

"Ganyan naman pag you're obsessed with someone, you see that person in a different way."

"Hindi. Hindi mo ko maloloko."

"I don't love you anymore. Kailangan ko bang ulit-ulitin?"

"Bakit ka ba nagsisinungaling, love?"

"Stop calling me love. It doesn't make sense."


"We've broken up three months ago. Tapos na tayo--"

"Then why tell it in the first place?!"

Her voice got the attention of some diners. May lalapit sanang waiter but I eyed the guy, pleading for some privacy. Hindi tumuloy ang waiter.

But the romantic music that typically plays in the restaurant had gotten louder to not disturb their guests.

"Bakit sinabi mo pa sa akin? Na mahal mo ako? Na sa akin umiikot ang mundo mo?"

I kept my silence.

"Bakit mo ko dinala noon rito? Sana di mo na sinimulan kung di mo kayang panindigan, kung di mo naman pala kayang ipaglaban." Tears fell from her eyes, as I remained silent.

She handed me a letter.

"Let's make it official then. Maraming salamat sa dalawang taon."

"I'm sorry." I said.

"We could have been something but--" dagdag ko pa but she already left. The music suddenly faded into my senses. I looked at her letter. Her last letter.

Umalis na siya, eto naman ang gusto ko diba? This is how it's supposed to end. The pain is just normal. It's just--

"Sir." A waitress handed me a pack of tissues.

"No, thank you." I said. Then my phone rang.


"Honey… saan ka na?" A cheerful voice greeted me.

"I had to do something urgent here sa office. Late akong makakauwi. "

"Oh… okay ka lang? You sound like you have a cold."

"Yes hon. Sinisipon eh."

"Ayan…." She giggled. "Sabi ko naman kasi huwag mo samahan si Bea na maligo sa ulan. Kinukunsinte mo kasi porket bunso. Anyway, sayang I cooked your favorite. Pauwi ka na ba?"

"Matatagalan pa ako eh."

"What's the urgent matter?"

"May inaayos pa akong papers. Someone resigned."

I said, reading my secretary's resignation letter.

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