Take Your Breath Away... Please
Take Your Breath Away... Please comedy stories

josephjamesy00 Community member
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Ever been in a position where you think your date is absolutely perfect then they... open their mouth

Take Your Breath Away... Please

It's our first date, it's been alright.

Hair tied back, stunning red dress. You scrub up alright.

In terms of previous dates, it's certainly up there.

Meet again? Possibly and believe me that's rare.

You see, we've met only once but I've had no thoughts to cheat.

But there's one major issue - it's that your breath smells like feet.

So this thing right here, they call it a toothbrush.

Take it and use it, my yellow-toothed crush.

So if you please go away. But then come back.

But only once you lose all that plaque.

It's called constructive feedback, so please don't be offended.

You'll be a 10 once those nashers are mended.

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