the man why appears in my nightmares ( TaeKook )
the man why appears in my nightmares   ( TaeKook )  taehyung stories
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Jungkook meets a guy only in his nightmares or his fears, when Jimin and Jin found out it got even wierd...

the man why appears in my nightmares ( TaeKook )

i was dreaming nicely when a clown came up in my face saying "hi little boy" i woke up scared. a guy was standing at my bed looking at me. i screamed lil did i know now he was infront of me. hi there baby boy he said touching me on my shoulder. he kissed me on my forehead. stop being scared, im kim Taehyung.

ill appear when you call Taehyung okay so im like your protecter by the way you can only see me. my fear gone away as i looked at him he disapeared. i hugged my blanket and fell asleep Next day JEON JUNGKOOK My mom yelled. ya i walked down.

GET READY FOR SCHOOL! my dad yelled as he ran out the door. ( At School ) JIMIN JIN I Yelled as i ran to them. we hugged and talked. guys i can see a man when i get scared i said smiling thinking of last night. no way no that might be a dream Kookie Jimin said smiling as Jin giggled.

as we told scary stories Jin mentioned a clown. Taehyung! i yelled as Jin an Jimin looked at me wierd. whos Taehyung Jin said. yes baby boy Taehyung appeared as he was reading a book with glasses paying no attention to the younger boy. this is Jin an Jimin my BFFS i said pointing.

Kookie sweetie theres no one there who are you talking to? Jin said laughing as jimin laughed. Boo Taehyung appeared behind them this time they can see him. AHHHHHHHH WHO ARE YOU Jin screamed in fear as Jimin followed. many highschool students looked at them.

thats Taehyung i told ya guys already Try to keep up jungkook said grabbing the book Taehyung was reading. Who said i wasnt real as Taehyungs eyes became deep deep red. Jin pointed at Jimin scared. you know if anyone calls me "not real i can haunt you" Taehyung said growling at jimin.

A/N jeez Taehyung calm down my goodness, Taehyung hugged Jimin an Jin. they looked confused. See ya Kook give my book Taehyung said grabbing the book an leaving. Who were you talking to ugly people 3 guys mocked them. Taehyung appeared.

with Yoongi as RM. what did you say boy? Yoongi said growling as RM got ready to punch them. as Taehyung winked at Jin and Jimin. who are they The Three of them ask. TBC Bye alpacas and koalas

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