HUNGRY MONSTER ( Min yoongi Horror imagine )

( Min yoongi Horror imagine )

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By JoonJoonJinnie

HUNGRY MONSTER ( Min yoongi Horror imagine )

Y/N go in the haunted house while me and Jenna go get some more french fries my friends said going out of my sight. okay i can do this i said going in the haunted house. this isn't so bad i said walking in as a fake ghost ran infront of me. AHH i said sarcastic. I walked past the fakers and went to the DONT GO IN sign thinking it was apart of the haunted house

i went past a wall as i saw 2 shadows. guys i think i made it out. i said running to them. there was no one. a chain saw was heard i screamed as a guy with scars came slowly made his way to me. follow me he said grabbing my arm as he smirked at me. your pretty he said licking his lips. wait show me your mouth he said looking at me.

Why? i said going looking at him. mmm no reason he said opening my mouth. he looked inside my mouth. wait his breath smelled like how dead people smell. oh um i gotta go over here i said stepping back. why though he said going closer to me. um look over there i said pointing over in the far corner.

he looked at wall i ran off i saw the light. My friends were there. GUYS WE GOTTA GET OUTTA HERE i said yelling as the slowly turned there head to me. hey Y/N they said in a creepy voice. Hey whats wrong i said looking at them. look behind you~~~~~ they said pointed slowly. there heads fell off. AHHHHH i screamed as yoongi grabbed me.

WHY NO LETS ME GO PLEASE i said crying wanting my mom. Aww but you look tasty ( NO ONES POV ) he chained you and cutted you up. mm thats a good dinner he said eating. he went after more teenage girls to eat. im the hungry monster


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