The Game of Who cares less.
The Game of Who cares less. life stories

jonrossfreely Community member
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Can you pay the cost of winning.

The Game of Who cares less.

How do you tell a story when you don't know where it began?

You're still dancing in the shadows, Never letting the light in.

Tip toeing down the lines that you swore you'd never cross

Playing a game you never win, never considering the cost.

A game of who cares less and even though you're in the lead.

You left your friends in the dust but they're the ones you need.

With no thoughts of looking back, it's just survival of the fittest.

Losing is not an option, Your need to win becomes a sickness.

So what's the prize for first place in a game of who cares less.

It's never more, It's NEVER more, unless you're seeking less.

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