Gray Days are Made for me
Gray Days are Made for me words stories

jonrossfreely Community member
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A play on light.

Gray Days are Made for me

There will be days when we may not feel like ourselves.

Those are the days we must reach to deep in order not to forget who we are.

We are not the thoughts of doubt.

We are not the gray sky that lingers outside our door.

We are not unlike the sun.

Fighting to shine its light on the world below.

Does the sun stop shining merely because there are a few clouds in its way?

I like to think it shines even brighter.

Breaking through the clouds and illuminating everything it touches.

On days like this we must be like the sun.

Shining regardless of what stands in our way.

In hopes that those who feel our warm will do the same.

Like mirrors reflecting our light into the places we cannot reach.

It will be as though the clouds were never in our way.

Say to yourself, "Gray days are made for me."

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