The unsaid feelings
The unsaid feelings break stories

jonginberry i think i will write stories about me
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I just wondered why haven't I healed yet? I immediately started to let me write about all the feelings I got after what had been happened!I'm revealing them now...

The unsaid feelings

I saw her having that happiness I used to have when I was with you.

I saw her eye smile when you make her laugh. that smile, it was just like mine.

I saw your smile while you are with her. it was just like your smile when you were with me.

I saw her doing all the things you love and prefer. I saw her changing only for you.

do you know what does it mean when a girl changes for a guy?

I saw you talking about all the things you love to her, even about me... I saw her appreciating all the things you love because she cares bout you more than just a friend.

I heard you saying she is the closest and dearest one to you and how she knows everything about you.

I saw how all what you did was so special to her.

I saw you were exceptions, the lovely ones, to each other.

I saw you lying about her when I asked you about her. do you know how I felt when I knew I was living in your lies for a couple of years?

what kind of feelings do you have for her to keep her as your lovely secret from me all that long time?

you don't know any sh*t about how I felt all that long time while you both were creating all your lovely memories.

how you both broke me and how you didn't care about what you have done to me is my unsaid feelings.

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