The girl who is living in the past.
The girl who is living in the past. sad stories

jonginberry i think i will write stories about me
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girl, why is it so hard to move on?

The girl who is living in the past.

The girl thought she was living in the past. Two weeks later the past returned back to her again.

When she worked on moving on so hard, the past came to obstruct her.

The past is her present now with its pain and lies.

One Friday night she is so confused and in such a mess because there is a chance to have a very good future but she is afraid to think in the idea of that very good future while she is still stuck in the bad past.

She believes that the only way to move on again towards the future is through telling the past how bad it is as the present.

Unfortunately, she can't do such a thing because she still has hope in bad "things" to be good again.

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