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In the same virus verse we see two scientists working together to fight the virus. No one would have been able to guess the cause of this all...

The Lab

"For two months we were on lockdown and now that we're finally free the government wants to shut us back down!"

The debaters on the news were arguing loudly while footage of hospital rooms ran behind them.

"The number of cases has tripled ever since we reopened the country! Too many people flooding the streets at once has made this virus even worse.

I think it's smart that the government shut everything down again. We don't want even more deaths!"

"I think instead of shutting down we should be going to attack the people who started the spread of this disease. They need to- "

Mike shut off the TV and sighed. He couldn't believe the nonsense that they allowed on air anymore. He fell onto his stool before looking over the lab equipment.

He rubbed at his temples before saying, "Does it matter where this came from? No. I still have to find a cure for it."

"Stop talking to yourself," Bill murmured. He yawned as he shuffled from the back room of the small makeshift lab. Mike looked over at him, rolling his eyes.

When he was first called in to fight the virus he thought he would be set up in a fancy lab with eight other scientists but instead he was sent to the middle of nowhere and shoved into a shed and told to play nice with Bill.

Mike and Bill had been stuck in the shed almost since the country shut the first state down. From there it was just a domino effect and all the other states followed.

Two months had passed, and everyone thought the virus had done it's worse. Mike knew better. He had been studying the virus every day for hours at a time. It evolved and moved like no other virus had ever done before. It was honestly terrifying to watch it.

He sent reports every day with little sketches of what the virus looked like, but he hadn't received anything back from headquarters.

Bill walked over to him and put an arm around him. "I still think it's alien," he told him softly. "Something out of this world. You heard that one guy...what was his name? He made some good points."

"I'm not even entertaining the idea," Mike murmured. "Even if aliens are real, they're not here." Bill put up his hands. "Whatever you say."

A few days later as Mike walked outside into the cool mountain air, he felt a sudden rush of wind so strong it nearly knocked him back through the door.

The entire shed rattled against the strong gusts. Mike covered his face to block the wind.

A loud whirring noise followed the sudden gust of wind and Mike felt an intense heat coming from in front of him. He slowly lowered his hand and watched as a saucer slowly landed.

"Bill!" Mike called over his shoulder. "Call headquarters now!"

Bill came running out but froze when he saw what was happening. He turned to look at Mike. "See, I've told you so."

"Just get the phone!" Mike yelled, watching as aliens stepped out of the ship.

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