Believe in your sun.
Believe in your sun. sun stories

jmk Passionate flemish poet
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The power of your sun.

Believe in your sun.

As the sun rose,

looking over the heavenly skies.

One does get the feeling,

that cosmology doesn't make you wise.

Waiving your human right of religious neglect,

does make in its turn a scientist perfect.

Reading the bridges and building the sign,

does make evolution flow till the end of the line.

We connect with each other,

looking for eternal salvation.

But to save oneself,

would condemn one another to eternal damnation.

To believe and be reality blind,

is a such a wonderfull power.

But turning your back, not your cheek,

does make a humanist fragile as a flower.

So choose your love and pick your fight.

But never refuse to acknowledge another man's light.

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