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How We Started A Travel Agency

by jingoholidays

For every success, there is a need to have great ideas and strategic planning to turn these ideas into reality.

The managing director or CEO of the prominent travel company Jingo Holidays,

Mr Rakesh Kumar is one of those who is the star performer and real-life hero due to his Hard work and great thinking ability.

Here is the real story of Mr Rakesh Kumar telling how he inspired and started a Travel Agency.

Travelling was the passion of Mr Rakesh and therefore, he travelled to each and every corner of the globe and met with people of a different cast, creeds, and religions.

One day he was travelling to New York. After leaving the Airport, he booked a local guide and a cab service. He was amazingly surprised with their services.

Nice cab with all features like comfy cushions, sound quality speakers, AC, snacks and first aid kit box...etc.

Fare charges of that cab service and travel guide service providers were also reasonable with the comparison to other existing there.

During his journey, soon an idea stuck in his creative mind that what if “I should have a travel agency.

” He stated, “I had firmly decided to launch a travel agency and assist the people while their travelling in unknown places.

” In this regard soon he bought the first car for the commercial purposes and started driving himself to carry the passengers from one place to even far distant places at a reasonable fare.

He added, “This made me popular and many tourists from my locals attracted to me for travelling.”

By the time, due to his self-confidence and 18-20 hours driving on a regular basis, made him able to get employed others.

He joined the first two dedicated and hardworking chauffeurs and won people’s trust. He said, “I didn’t stop here as this is only part of my success”.

After winning the race of achieving people’s trust and providing them with trustworthy services, I soon launched a small office with 3-4 employees and keep working harder and harder.

However, the whole of my story is not of a single day or month or year. It had consumed 10 years of my life to make me a successful travel partner after rising from lots of financial crises

Soon due to lots of tourists’ love and trust, “I finally launched my dream travel company in India and named it as Jingo Holiday Pvt Ltd.

”Ample hard work and a dedicated team of chauffeurs are only the strong foundations of his company.

Mr Raleksh Kumar is the personality who proves the fact that success originates from the hard work which is the cause of positive thinking and creative mind.

Even after the involvement of computers and the internet, the company stands on the strong base of digital media.

“I thank lots of my happy clients, my team of chauffeurs and executives to make us popular in the globe,” said Mr Rakesh Kumar, CEO (Jingo Holidays Pvt Ltd).

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