~Fallen Flower~
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jiminiesugar ~You Belong Among The Wildflowers~
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Forth Intro to a possible story! (Sorry it took so long!)

~Fallen Flower~

Name: Park Jimin Nicknames: Pretty Boy, Chim Chim, Mors Birthday: October 13th Age: 24 Position: Spy, Seducer Group: Bangtan Attributes: Charmer, deceptive, stealthy Status: Dangerous! Shoot On Sight!

Bio: “Raised in an abusive household up until he was 15 ,by then he had enough and ran away from home. Having been raised as a dancer science his mother wanted a daughter, he continued to dance elsewhere, so no one would find him, not that anyone was looking.

For several weeks in a row Seokjin would catch the boy leaving the dance studio and disappear into an alley late at night, finally curiosity took over him and he found the poor boy taking shelter behind a dumpster. Seeing how the boy was small, flewable, cute, and clearly had a score to settle with the world, Seokjin made him an offer and Jimin finally found a family that loved him unconditionally.”

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