The World Burned
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“They could save the world”
And around them the world burned.

The World Burned

The air felt thick and heavy around you, as if it were piling up in your lungs and weighing you down, your feet dragging along the coarse dirt. You had to keep going.

You thought back to a few days ago, when it had been announced. The world had officially ended, for the humans at least. At the time you had laughed at how stupid they had been.

At the irony behind it, you hated irony, along with lists and complaining (sh*t, would you look at that).

The humans had been watching a lit match, so intrigued by the pretty glow that they forgot about what would happen when the flame reached their hand.

Eventually, you grew tired of walking and found a large piece of rubble to sit down on. The sky was red, your favourite colour.

Red can be used to represent everything; love and wrath, passion and anger.

It was the colour that pierced the sky as you had fell from heaven sixty-six million years ago, though you looked pretty good for your age.

Pride had corrupted you as it had the humans year after, history always repeats itself.

There was a saviour, someone that was to deliver the humans from evil and defend against the demons, if only they'd realised the demons were inside of them.

You couldn't worry about that now, you were after all, waiting for someone, he'd be here any minute now.

"Gabriel," you looked up at the man beside you, "how are you old pal." You knew that it was no time to be joking around, but c'mon a girl has to try.

Gabriel clearly wasn't amused and just glared at you silently, damn, if looks could kill, which apparently, for some messed up reason they could.

"What did you do Lucifer?" His voice was stern but soft as if he had some unspoken authority, he really was no fun.

"Nice to see you too." You murmured, picking a small stone and throwing as far as you could, which wasn't far at all.

He was watching you, probably trying to read your mind, or soul, whichever one it was.

You felt the rock you were sat on shift slightly as he sat beside you, "I'm not reading your mind." He was looking off at the horizon, smirking.

Is he serious right now? Before you could say something about his contradictory statement or general rude manner, he interrupted,

"I just-know you well enough to, to know." He was stuttering, cute, surely there was no harm in following along ,

"You, get me?" You asked teasingly he looked down and blushed, then took your hand, his eyes met yours and lingered like a pen waiting to finish a sentence.

He looked as if he was about to say something but then thought better of it.

You suddenly remembered why you were here, why you had made this whole journey, " The 'Saviour' is dead" you made sure to accentuate the 'Saviour' drawing out your voice.

He looked at you again, "I had figured as much, I never thought she could do it."

You processed what he had just said.

"Wait. You knew her? Personally?"

"I knew all of them," he murmured. "At least, I thought I did. Once. A long time ago. She was just another failed hero amongst thousands."

"What were they like?"

Some crumpled copy of a smile crossed his face. "They could change the world."

And around them the world burned.


Marvels: Eternals (seriously check this comic out, and the movie when it's released, it's awesome.)

Authors note;

I apologise for any grammatical and/or spelling mistakes.

I hope you enjoyed my first story, I can't promise when or if another story will be published but I'll try to keep you posted

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