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Answers to Q/A from Bulletin#1


Thank you all for the interesting questions. Today I will answer 5 of them; I promise to keep them short.

1. What's something that makes you genuinely happy whenever you think about it? Writing makes me happy anytime think about scenes, characters; you name it.I am also happy when I cook, clean, and help others.

2. What inspires you to write Flash Fiction? Songs, key moments, what-if situations, and daydreams. I do it for the practice, ultimately I want to write novels, and Flash allows me to expand the creative horizons. I crave the escape.

3. Why is your Avatar a penguin? I love penguins, I think they Nobel birds. March of the Penguins had me crying, and happy Feet is my all-time favorite movie

4. Where do you see your writing taking you? Good question, I don't know, but it's ok not to know. My intuition tells me it is the direction I must go regardless of my day job. Have no fear, trust yourself! I am working on making it full-time.

5. What is your favorite color? At this time, it is purple. It changes with the seasons and moods.

Thank you for tuning in to everyone. :D Let me know in the comments: What you recommend we do next to celebrate reaching the 250 milestones. Challenge Poetry, maybe flash a collab, lets get creative. :D

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