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jerez Flash Fiction/Wisdom/Healer/Quote/Poetry
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"100" members and collaborators following my work. Thank you! This message if for you all, because you all deserve the best! You inspire me and motivate me. Thank you for letting me into your space. Namaste -Jerez


-Bulletin#1- Thank you everyone who has liked and supported my work this past week. We've reached 100 hundred followers as of today.

It is an honor to share with to you all. This has been good practice and confidence boost. You guys are the best!!! Following the theme of other writers. I'll do something fun in support of everyone. Commaful is about experiment and having fun!!

This milestone, someone suggested a Q/A session. If you have any quesions please post in the comments or DM me. I will answer it on the Next Bulletin!!! Thank you for the support, I look forward to sharing more with you all. Next- Milestone "250" -Jerez

P.S Be sure to join the Discord! It's a lively group with creative minds all around! Many of your Favorites are there :D

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