The Engine
The Engine  stress stories

jemise78 twisted mind, huge heart
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The engine an analogy

The Engine

My brain on fire imploding like every ounce of my body is in drive.

Hot to the touch but uncontrollable chills down my spine & shaking like my engine is dying.

Stop the insane thoughts in my mind. The force is overpowering and taking control the throttle full thrust while I lose control.

Screaming to alleviate some of this pain, praying it will slow down this engine speeding in my brain.

No longer can I switch gears I’m stuck on overdrive of madness, sadness, and fear for years.

The engine explodes it can take no more, trying to find a safe reality.

My clutch still stuck in drive as the flames continue to shoot out of my mind. Now a race of time if I’m going to make it out alive...

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