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Being human and commonalities with sheep. Some dangers are worth going outside the pen.

One Sheep Two Sheep

One Sheep Followed a Good Shepherd. Two Sheep Followed a False Shepherd.

One Sheep met Two Sheep and said, "Come with me." Two Sheep looked at One Sheep. Then looked at their False Shepherd as they shook their head. "I cannot."

One Sheep accepted Two Sheeps answer as they joined the Good Shepherds flock. Two Sheep remained in their pen with False Shepherd.

Two Sheep wondered why they should remain in the pen. Gazing at the open field One Sheep could graze and laze. The False Shepherd said, "Those Sheep are not accepting."

They continued, "This pen is to keep you safe." The False Shepherd left it at that.

But, Two Sheep saw something different with their two eyes. He saw One Sheep, Two Sheep, Three Sheep, and More Sheep living happily with no danger in sight.

Along with the Good Shepherd who watched over them all. Was this Good Shepherd all seeing? Does that mean he could see wolves that lurk?

Two Sheep had lots of questions. Two Sheep sought answers. Two Sheep brushed against their pen. "I want to get out!"

The Good Shepherd took notice of Two Sheep. "Would you like to join my flock?" The Good Shepherd asked. He noticed Two Sheeps pen had barely any grass to graze. Little water in the pale.

"Yes! I do!" Two Sheep replied. The Good Shepherd nodded and easily opened the pen. Easily swinging open the hatch as if Two Sheep could've done without help. 'How would it keep me safe if it was opened?' Wondered Two Sheep.

The False Shepherd appeared then. "You dare steal my sheep?" "I did not." The Good Shepherd replied calmly. "I asked Two Sheep what they wanted to do." The False Shepherd glared their best at Two Sheep. "You dare leave your safe space!"

"Yes, I do dare!" Two Sheep squeaked. Trembling, but Two Sheep was no longer afraid. The False Shepherd growled, "You'll be in danger!" "The pen was open... Wolves can easily get in... How was I in less danger?"

"Wolves prefer easy prey." The False Shepherd waved their hand in a pompous gesture. The Good Shepherd interfered then. "So, you sought to sacrifice my Sheep to keep your Sheep safe?" "Hmf." The False Shepherd had no need to explain their self.

"Fine." The False Shepherd turned back to Two Sheep. "You may go. But, mark my words! There's more danger in an open flock." "I will keep them safe." Promised the Good Shepherd.

Two Sheep joined One Sheep then. They played together and had the most fun. Both the Good and False Shepherd watched over them.

As expected. A stray wolf appeared. There was the danger the False Prophet said there was. They smirked in how right they were. The Good Shepherd jumped to action and scared it away. Just as promised to many before.

The False Prophet wasn't so false after all. They had their logic and reasons. The Good Prophet told the truth just the same as the False Prophet. But, kept their word in the safety of the Sheep.

The night came as all the sheep. The Prophets counted all their sheep. One Sheep, Two Sheep, Three Sheep, Four Sheep, Five Sheep, etc.... All were there and safe.

The End

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