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Just little random thoughts about an important household item.

My Baskets

Whether dirty or clean You see me.

Neat and folded Or a mess. You see how I am molded Or in need of a caress.

I can be made from plastic. I can be made from metals. I can be made from wood. You see me holding fabric You see me holding petals. You see me holding wool.

I can bare fruit. Life itself. You see how I hold loot. Treasures for yourself.

You see me help the rich Or the poor. You see that is What I'm here for.

I sometimes break. I sometimes need mending. You see I am what you make. A basket still or bending.

Be careful with me. I can be frail. You see take a hold gently. Like the nightingale.

I hold you in life. I hold you in death. My baskets full and ripe. My baskets an empty dread.

My Baskets come at a cost. Sometimes a bargain. Do you see? I am human.

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