It's Okay To Be Mad
It's Okay To Be Mad looting stories

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To the Looting and Rioting.
Take some quotes from Martin Luther King, Jr.
Protest with Peace and Love.

It's Okay To Be Mad

But, you shouldn't let your anger control your actions.

Yes, you hurt those who you think oppress you. Because deep down you know they're people just like you.

But, more importantly... You hurt yourself.

Anger and Hate go hand in hand. It is a double edged sword. A two headed snake. An eye for an eye leaves everyone blind.

You know these sayings well, I'm sure. But, you forgot them when you got angry.

It's okay to be mad. It's okay you're emotionally and spiritually hurting.

It's NOT okay to hurt others or their livelihoods. It isn't about their property or business. It's about what they possibly worked their whole lives for and to support their loved ones.

Once you hurt someone out of your anger. It was no longer about protesting peacefully or even about George Floyd or protesting racism or police brutality. It became about you.

It's okay to be mad. You want to truly support George Floyd? Make your community better? Make a brighter future? Start by asking yourself, "What can I do to help my community?"

Turn your madness into a positive. Spread awareness online or hold a sign on the street. Hug a police officer if he or she consents. Hug your fellow men and women.

Don't let George Floyd and his memory be tarnished by your actions. Or a catalyst for politicians to use in their debates.

Lastly, Once you're not mad and at peace. You can speak peace, take action for peace, and love with peace.

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