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A small sentence that is hard to say. #SuicideAwareness

Hard To Say

Like the ocean Humanity is unpredictable. Waving Crashing Streaming Moving at a constant.

So, it appears suddenly When we hear cries That were heard too late.

Their voices drowning silent Within themselves. It's hard to say I need help.

The Internet Like people Give Advice. Some good. Some bad. Some a distractive vice.

Messages sent Hints ignored. It's hard to say Can I be the one You care for?

Like the ocean again Humanity can surprise. Smiling Joking Calm waters Summer personified.

Then the tide recedes Farther than normal. Waves rise. Tears flood the masses.

Everyone gathers Candles lit like stars. But, not the one to say with might I need help To make it through the night.

After all, It's hard to say. I need help. Can you care for me? Talk to me. I'll talk to you all night. Especially, if it will save a life.

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