Energy Vampire
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Be careful who you let into your life and what you tolerate.
*Trigger Warning*- Abuse mentioned, hard subject

Energy Vampire

I crawl underneath I find myself in you I bequeath My feelings to few To encircle you in my wreath And isolate you in my view

In broad daylight I can drown the fool People see a light That gives a vibe so cool I'm a calculative blight Humanity mine to dewool

I am the hand you took You being mine to advantage Your hands who mistook I bound them in bondage Me, your friendly crook Demands your impoundage

You condone me I will siphon Protect the awarded Emmy I continue the antiphon Taking your hearts key Mine to indoctrination

I suck you dry Physically draining thou My beautiful victim, cry Mentally mine I vow You know it in horrify Sweating down your brow

This is the end, My pretend no longer of use You, I laugh and commend You've no voice to accuse I took, you accept as intended Your love despite my abuse

The End

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